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Horse Rug Chest Extenders

If you are looking for a new horse rug because your current rug is a little on the small side this year, if your horse or pony has put on a little weight perhaps, then have you considered using a horse rug extender rather than buying a new rug? This can be a significantly cheaper option, particularly if your current rug is in good condition and there is plenty of life left in it.

A horse rug expander or extender will expand the rug at the horse's chest and can add as much as 12 inches if needs be. Much the cheaper option if the only problem with your rug is size! Check out our selection and the real bargains to be had!

Winter is Coming!

Well, autumn and winter will soon be upon us and now is the time, if you have not done so already, to check your horse rugs and, if needs be, have them repaired and cleaned. There are various professional services available offering to clean, repair and re-proof horse rugs and these can offer outstanding value for money, given the cost of a replacement turnout rug. It is certainly worth asking whether or not your rug is worth repairing and you will be surprised the extent of the damage that can be sensibly repaired.

A good quality horse rug can be repaired many times and if it is cleaned and treated annually with water repellent than it should remain fully functional for many years. You'll need to make arrangements in good time to ensure that your rug is available for use when the weather turns and this is particularly important if you are intending to clip your horse early.

Needless to say, many horse rugs will be beyond repair this season and we offer an outstanding selection of both new and used turnout and stable rugs for those seeking replacements. If you cannot see the horse rug that you are looking for in the size that you need, please use the search facility at the top of the page.

Here's hoping that Winter 2010/11 will not be too harsh and that our horses can be turned out as often as possible!


We have now added a new FORUM to for the discussion of all issues relating to horse rugs. Please visit the forum, sign up, and get the discussion going!

The forum can be used to exchange views, ask for advice or just to tell us about your horse or herd!

Please also feel free to use the comment section below or, if you prefer, just email us for advice.


Welcome to UK Horse Rugs. We offer, quite simply, a massive selection of horse rugs of all types, including turnout and stable rugs, cooler rugs, exercise sheets and under rugs.

We have specialist listings of the main brands offering both top quality and great value rugs. Please see our selection of Horseware, Rambo, Rhino and Weatherbeeta for the very best quality rugs at the very best prices. Our selection of Gee Tac, Masta, Rhinegold and Riff Raff equestrian rugs offer great value too.

Please note that our listings are fully searchable and available for sale right now on eBay, so if you cannot see the particular rug that you are looking for, simply use the ‘search’ facility at the top of the page. You can also search for the exact size that you need.

Don’t miss our selection of clearance rugs, offering the very best value. There are some real bargains to be had here and, again, the listings are fully searchable.

With the onset of winter, all but the most hardy of native horses will need a turnout rug. It is likely that your horse will also need a stable rug, particularly if he or she is clipped for the winter.

Cooler rugs are invaluable in the cold winter months after exercise. Flourescent exercise sheets are also a very sensible precaution for riding on the roads with the long dark nights drawing in!

Rug Fitting

Getting the right fit is vital too. It is best to buy a rug that is slightly too large rather than too small. If in doubt, use a tape measure! Measure from a point 3 or 4 inches above the wither to the top of the tail. It is vital that the rug does not sit on your horse's wither but just above it. Ensure also that the rug has sufficient depth to wrap around your horse's stomach.

Remember too that the fit of different brands will vary greatly due to the cut of the rug and so a 6’3” Weatherbeeta may not necessarily fit the same as a 6’3” Rambo.

Some horses may also need a gusset at the front of the rug to allow for free movement of the shoulder. Another very useful feature to look out for is the neck cover, which will keep the grooming to a minimum!

STOP PRESS! We have now added listings of clippers for those wishing to clip their horse or pony for the winter.

Please note that our listings of horse rugs are updated regularly so do bookmark us and check back from time to time!

We hope you enjoy the video below. The moral of the story is don't try to put your horse's rug on into the wind!

Good luck from the team at UK Horse Rugs!

SALE! Horse & Rider Christmas/Xmas Dress Up Fancy Dress Riding Hat Cover & Rug
SALE! Horse & Rider Christmas/Xmas Dress Up Fancy Dress Riding Hat Cover & Rug
Therapy Heated Horse Rug
Therapy Heated Horse Rug
Horseware Sportzvibe Massaging Therapy Horse Rug ALL SIZES increasing blood flow
Horseware Sportzvibe Massaging Therapy Horse Rug ALL SIZES increasing blood flow
Alpenheat Horse Rug – Black, One Size, AJ14
Alpenheat Horse Rug – Black, One Size, AJ14
Horseware Ireland Sportzvibe Horse Rug ADHK4V
Horseware Ireland Sportzvibe Horse Rug ADHK4V
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